FFmpeg, opendcp, sox, mpv and other tools, Windows binaries

UPDATE: now uses an .xz archive: much more efficient compression, though users need the xz program to open the archive (or a utility such as 7zip).

UPDATE: Easier to open archive: now uses .zip files readable by Windows Explorer.

Please see the GitHub page for other updates.

Up-to-date Windows binaries of the FFmpeg multimedia suite and many other tools used here on a daily basis are now available for download. Some of these binaries are statically linked, but the larger programs are dynamically linked. They’re Windows 64-bit binaries, and are tested on Windows 10.

The best thing to do is read the README file in my GitHub repository:


The REAME above is more up-to-date. But, best of all, look inside the archive.

To use these binaries, just use the compressed installer. You’ll want the xz program (or an archiver such as 7zip) to decompress it before installation.


The installer sets these (and other) environment variables for you:

FREI0R_PATH=C:\Program Files\ffmpeg\lib\frei0r-1
TESSDATA_PREFIX=C:\Program Files\ffmpeg\share\
TERMINFO=C:\Program Files\ffmpeg\share\terminfo

The entire set of scripts and patches used to generate these utilities is available as a Git source tree for anyone’s use or modification.

A GNU/Linux machine running Fedora is used to compile the binaries, using scripts that owe much of their writing to Roger Pack and the Zeranoe team. I have modified Roger’s script to include, additionally, some extra programs and libraries used here. It is fair to say that the script is almost entirely Roger’s, and I’m very grateful indeed for its development.

Built by the script and, therefore, included in the binary distribution are the following programs among others. In the case of FFmpeg, just about every optional library has been compiled in, including the libfdk_aac audio codec. In most cases, each library or piece of software has been retrieved from its latest development sources so it is very up-to-date. I try to test all binaries; if you find that one you’re using is unsuitable for production use, please contact me and I’ll attend to the problem, or send you an earlier version.

Download the FFmpeg, mpv, sox, x264, x265 and many other binaries here:


To clone the Git source tree, install Git and do this:

git clone https://github.com/Warblefly/MultimediaTools-mingw-w64.git

Browse the tree here:



Everything is open source. In the cross-compilation script, there are links to every source code distribution. There is no charge for source code, and no charge for these binaries. Please read the licences.